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Postpartum conditioning menu

Body slimmimg massage

Special first use price
・60mins 8,000yen  (whole body +※Intensive 1 part)
・90mins 10,000yen (whole body+※Intensive 2 parts)

・60mins 15,000yen (whole body +※Intensive 1 part)
・90mins 18,000yen (whole body +※Intensive 2 parts)
・120mins 20,000yen (whole body +※Intensive 3 parts)
※Intensive part…please chose from legs・thigh, belly, arm, back, buttocks, breast

Ticket price
A book of 5 tickets 60mins 65,000yen / 90mins 75,000yen / 120mins 80,000yen
A book of 10 tickets 60mins 120,000yen / 90mins 140,000yen / 120mins 150,000yen



beauty&spa menu


Body care

Stress relief massage

60mins 11,000yen
90mins 15,000yen
120mins 18,000yen


Facial care

Deep relaxing facial

80mins 14,000yen


Beauty lift-up facial

60mins 12,000yen


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